Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Visit Bio2RDF with IBM's lsidBrowser

I have created a lsid proxy for Bio2RDF so that all available RDF document can be accessed with the corresponding lsid. For example is accessible through the following lsid

To install this great Firefox plugin follow the instructions at Then configure the network so that your lsid authority server is

Here is what the network configuration should look like :

This is it, you are all set. Try this links it should open in the XUL interactive interface of the lsidBrowser :

Bio2RDF have been launch for testing.

During the conference call of 17 july I informed the members of the HCLSIG BioRDF Subgroup of the availability of Bio2RDF for testing.

Francois Belleau (FB) - Masters in Bioinformatics at Quebec – Focused on applying Semantic Web to build useful knowledge bases. Knowledgebase includes Uniprot, and NCBI data sources. The URL is to be publicly announced shortly, but we can have an early preview ( Will have a PhD student for RDF design.