Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tabulator and Bio2RDF sparql point a new integrated way to surf genomic knowledge

Try the Tabulator generic data browser to surf the 2 billions triples from Bio2RDF sparql points network. Install the FireFox plugin and strart from here :

Semantic Web Challenge 2008 participation

The Bio2RDF team is presenting a demo at the Semantic Web Challenge 2008.

Good luck to Marc-Alexandre, Michel and Peter and all the others team member.

The paper is available here.

Bio2RDF Network Of Linked Data

Bio2RDF OWL ontology finaly available

This is the new OWL ontology file description of Bio2RDF project. It is a rough description of most types and predicates in the new Bio2RDF network of sparql graph.

A nice way to discover it is by using Protege tool and the Ontoviz plugin.

Here is what 2 billions triples from 40 datasources looks like :