Sunday, June 08, 2008

Bio2RDF/Virtuoso demonstration of its SPARQL point will be held at ISMB2008

Technology Track: TT18

How to use Bio2RDF with a Virtuoso Server

Monday, July 21 - 2:45 p.m. - 3:10 p.m.

Room: 701B

Presented by: Fran├žois Belleau, Centre de Recherche du CHUL (CHUQ), CA

Our vision apply semantic web technology to realize data integration in bioinformatics. In this demo we show how to use Virtuoso server to store Bio2RDF linked data. We also demonstrate how millions of triples from 30 different data providers, can be queried with SPARQL to answer question.

Presentation invitation:

Bio2RDF at DILS2008 on June 27th in Evry (Paris)

The presentation about the lat Bio2RDF paper is planned at DILS2008.

DILS2008 Program

We hope to have the occasion to meet Bio2RDF futur users. See you there.

Here is the presentation : owl:sameAs

Bo2RDF project is know self-conscious of itself.

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My deep thanks to my master project supervisor Jean Morissette and Nicole Tourigny, without whom this student project would not have get that far. I would also thank Marc-Alexandre Nolin for his precious collaboration and Philippe Rigault who make his lab essential resources available to the project.