Monday, July 20, 2009

The story so far of Linked Data, Bio2RDF is part of it !

In the latest publication of Tim Berner-Lee, he tells the recent story of emerging Linked Data, Bio2RDF is mentioned as an important Biology contributor. This paper is a must for anyone interested in this fantastic new approach.

In this map of Linked Data, Bio2RDF contribution is shown in purple. The corresponding SPARQL endpoints are available here :

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Bio2RDF is now using Virtuoso 6 and its new facet browser

Bio2RDF is moving from Virtuoso 5 to Virtuoso 6 server. The new software support facet browsing in real time.

We invite you to explore our graph with a full text search query for hexokinase. Once the results list is shown try the options in the right menu. Enjoy the discovery experience.

Try the 2009 version of "Atlas about Human and Mouse" :

the graph can also be queried in sparql :

The list of the Bio2RDF converted graph will be published and updated here :

The facet browsers list :
The sparql endpoints list :

Bio2RDF visit at HCLS annual meeting

Bio2RDF team members Marc-Alexande Nolin, Michel Dumontier and Francois Belleau, have been invited to present actual state of the Bio2RDF project at the annual face to face meeting of the HCLS community. Here is a link to the presentation :

Thanks to the organizers of the event.